High-end tables and desks Franck Genser

At Franck Genser, we are proud to present our superb collection of high-end tables and desks, meticulously crafted in France. Each piece embodies the excellence of French craftsmanship, combining refined design and superior materials.
Our luxury tables are designed to add an elegant touch to your space. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular dining table or a functional desk, we offer options that cater to your demanding needs and tastes. Each table is carefully made with premium materials such as walnut and marble, ensuring exceptional durability and timeless aesthetics.
Our high-end desks are created to inspire a productive work environment. Whether you require a spacious desk for organizing professional tasks or a compact desk for your home office, our models are designed to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, our “up and down” mechanism allows you to adjust the desk height for optimal comfort, promoting ergonomic posture and reducing fatigue.
We understand that every workspace is unique, which is why we offer a range of customizable sizes and configurations for our high-end tables and desks. Choose from a variety of finishes and coverings to create a bespoke piece that perfectly matches your style and preferences.

Quality and durability are paramount at Franck Genser. That’s why we use premium materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques to ensure our high-end furniture withstands the test of time. Each table and desk is meticulously inspected to guarantee impeccable finishes and optimal functionality.
Elevate your workspace with our high-end tables and desks, adding a touch of luxury. Explore our collection and discover how our exceptional pieces can transform your professional environment. Visit our showroom to see our creations up close and benefit from the expertise of our team in selecting the perfectly tailored table or desk to suit your needs. Trust Franck Genser to bring timeless elegance and superior functionality to your workspace.